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septembre 5, 2024

Nova Kizomba Festival 2024

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Date: septembre 5, 2024

Nova Kizomba Festival 2024
🌟 Welcome to the Inaugural Nova Kizomba Festival! 🌟
For the first time ever, the Kizomba Dance Alliance is thrilled to partner with the Nova Dance Festival to bring you an electrifying experience in the heart of Silicon Valley. Join us from September 5-9, 2024, at the DoubleTree by Hilton in San Jose, for a weekend filled with rhythm, passion, and unforgettable memories.
🎶 What’s in Store? 🎶
Over 20 hours of immersive workshops led by top instructors from America, Canada, and Europe.
Three exhilarating days of non-stop dancing to endless vibes of world-renowned DJs.
A sun-soaked pool party to relax and unwind.
A competitive Jack and Jill competition to showcase your skills.
Whether you’re a seasoned Kizomba enthusiast or a curious newcomer, the Nova Kizomba Festival promises an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all. Don’t miss this chance to dance, learn, and connect with a vibrant community of dancers from around the globe.
🌐 Secure your spot and stay updated with the latest announcements by following our event page.
⚠️ TICKETS ⚠️…
DoubleTree by Hilton in San Jose
Claudio & Efy (Angola & Sénégal)
Samy & Dede (Montreal & France)
Jurcic Chn (Montreal)
Casanova (Boston)
Eddie Hercules (Oakland)
Daniel & Maika (San Jose)
More to be announced…
DJ Mojo (Seattle)
Casanova (Boston)
Jurcic Chn (Montreal)
More to be announced…
Jack & Jill 🏆:
More to be announced…

Let’s make history together at the Nova Kizomba Festival 2024! 💃🕺