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Paulo Cruz & Lanna Zamora

Paulo Cruz & Lanna Zamora


Paulo Cruz & Lanna Zamora


Paulo was born in Angola, arrived to Portugal when he was 12. Now he is finishing his studies as a computer technician. Like most Angolans the music and the rhythm are in his blood. Dancing kizomba since the age of 15 when he started to go African parties in Lisbon.

Lanna was also born in Angola, and started to dance traditional African dances in Angola when she was 8 years old. Then arrived to Portugal in the age of 11 to study.

Both of them live in Lisbon and became members in Ballet Tradicional KILANDUKILU (existing more than 20 years) led by the famous Angolan teacher Mestre Petchú. In the group they developed their experiences in traditional African dances such us Afro House, Kuduro, Tarraxinha, Tribal, Semba and Kizomba.

Paulo Cruz participated on the International Kizomba Championship in 2011, and won the 3rd place!

They teach Afro House, Kuduro, Tarraxinha, Tribal (African Rhytms), Semba and Kizomba in Lisbon and over the Europe.