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Ruddy & Audrey

Ruddy & Audrey


Ruddy & Audrey


Ruddy and Audrey (Cap Kizomba) dancers, teachers, performers

Ruddy is an international kizomba instructor with more than 7 years of
experience. Background of Zouk and Kompa from his childhood. He has taught
in many festivals all around the world. As a dancer he is a great leader
making his partners feeling comfortable on the dancefloor. He has a very
good methodology, not forgetting about passion, energy and creativity in

Audrey has been practicing artistic gymnastics for more than 20 years. She
discovered Kizomba at school where Ruddy has taught in 2015.
For two years now, they have been travelling around Europe to continue
sharing their style and passion.

So, they continue to keep the same direction (Cap…Kizomba) teaching
Kizomba, Semba and also Retro Kizomba.