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July 21, 2023

Beach Feeling Kizomba Festival 2023

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Date: July 21, 2023

Beach Feeling Kizomba Festival 2023

We’re pleased to announce that 1st BEACH FEELING KIZOMBA FESTIVAL!!!
With the good energy of Feeling Kizomba Festival, but now in Summer, with the Beach near the main hotel.
We wait for you in Barcelona (in Santa Susana), All in one hotel, in July 2023, 21-22-23th. In a new hotel: DON ANGEL HOTEL.
During the day, we will have:
– 3 exclusive rooms for workshops of Kizomba-Urban Kiz-Tarraxo.
– A social room dance during the evening, from 14h to 21h.
– 2 rooms for the parties during the night:
Room: Fussion & UrbanKiz
Room 2: Kizomba & Semba & Comercial
*********** LINE UP **********
Albir Rojas (Panamá)
JP & Stephy (France)
Fred-Nelson & Morgane (France)
Dwé & Gaby (Netherlands)
Nuno & Sarai (Spain)
Willy Dianza (France)
Jack & Sara (Spain)
Le Grand Ti Wosh (France)
Guiu & Borboleta (Spain)
Marta & Yeslam (Spain)
Elsa & Sergi (Spain)
Keco & Moni (Spain)
Kevin (Guinea Bissau)
Carlos & Olga Salsaburu (Spain)
Yago & Yure (Spain)
And more…
Dj Dani Fernandes (Netherlands)
Dj Akym (France)
Dj Lisa Rose (Netherlands)
Dj Linduka (Cape Verde)
Dj Susie Qu (Spain)
Dj Linduka (Cape Verde)
Dj Jack (Spain)
Dj Kevin (Guinea-Bissau)
Dj Kot (Spain)
Dj Yago (Spain)